Website Overhauls

before_and_after_webWe get it! You don’t always need a brand spanking new web site. Or maybe you do, but it’s just not part of your current budget. Still, you need to upgrade your web presence. We have a solution!

If your site is in “decent” shape we can create a new look and feel, and implement conversion goals to grow your business right away.


Here is what we do in this program:

  • Review and analyze your current site.
  • Engage in an online meeting to discuss your business, needs and goals.
  • Determine a new direction and messaging for homepage
  • *Re-design homepage elements
  • *Redesign subpage elements
  • Design new typography & styles
  • We code all the new graphics into your existing site.
  • Testing in Firefox, IE, Safari and Chrome.

*We will redesign your home page main graphic, the header, background colors, fonts, menus styles and call to actions on home and subpages. All designs and styles must fit into your current HTML structure.


Whew! That’s lot of work…how much will it cost?

  • That depends on your existing site.  We will modify what we can an get it implemented into your current site in HTML, Drupal, WordPress or Joomla. We can do any number of pages from just the homepage to the entire site.

What do you get?

Besides a site that looks significantly more amazing, you will certainly get more conversions, hence revenue! You should consider our online marketing programs like our search engine marketing plan and our content marketing plan to drive more traffic to your now ultra impressive site!

  • SEO Packages
  • Blogging & Content Publishing Package

Things to keep in mind…..

  • Homepages can be made of a single static “scene” or several animated scenes. Additional scenes are between $150-$500 each pending their design complexity. Messaging for additional scenes is $50 per.
  • For subpages we will change the style sheet which normally changes all subpages to match new style. If your HTML does not support this the change is $175 per page to implement manually.
  • This program is only for qualifying sites. Ask for details.