Mobile Design & Optimization

Mobile sites are all the buzz these days and they can be SUPER easy or extremely complex.

Custom Mobile Sites From Existing “Styles”

mobilewebEvery site, mobile or not should use a style guide to “guide” the user through the web experience. We have designed a robust and interactive mobile web structure and styles that we can customize to match your brand image for a unique and professional mobile presence. Our custom mobile site packages start at $500 to design and implement, plus a $50 per page charge to assemble and test. In most cases it is better to design a mobile site SPECIFICALLY for mobile use. In other words….if we know users will be using their thumbs rather than a 18″ wireless keyboard, we will design the UX (User Experience) differently. Also, in most cases mobile sites should be significantly smaller than a full site for obvious reasons.

Responsive Design

resp_desResponsive design is the hot new trend, and in some cases it’s a great option….like for news/content sites, affiliate sites, etc. Responsive means that the site adapts to the device the user is using and shows a reduced version of that page. For example if you had a menu on the left side of your page, content in the middle and ads on the right, a responsive design would show ONLY the middle content and eliminate the other elements, allowing a mobile user to concentrate on pertinent content. To discuss if responsive design is right for you project contact us here.