Customized Website Design

Small is the new BIG.

4 Browsers Left 2 DHSYour customers don’t want to wade through disorganized complex sites or a plethora of content. Small really is the new big, as long-winded explanations give way to punchy, visual, bite-sized nuggets of highly relevant content distilled down to let users reach their objectively quickly and easily.

We’ll strategically plan and build your custom website to meet your goals…without losing your audience.

Creativity, talent and results are packed into every website we build!

With Pixel Junkie, you can expect to get EXCEPTIONAL results!

Why should you choose Pixel Junkie? What should you budget?

ribbonPixel Junkie is a design and marketing agency that uses a team consisting of marketing experts, designers, programmers and project managers whom all collaborate to make sure your project get the attention it deserves. Imagine an entire company dedicated towards YOUR  success.

Here’s the key take away: Your custom built website is where your customers decide to engage your organization or look for someone else to provide what they need.

What should you spend? This depends on your company’s size….a one million dollar company will obviously budget differently than a 50 million dollar company, however both need to set a budget that is appropriate for their industry, and allows them to clearly outshine the competition.

It’s not just a web site anymore….your website is a continually evolving interactive piece of your business and influences customers more than all other branding components combined.

Here are the steps you must take to impress the heck out of your customers!

  1. step_iconsResearch & Planning This is where we figure out your needs and goals

  2. Design & Creative Phase Actual creative generation of materials

  3. Coding & CMS Implementation Selecting or creating a custom site theme designed in WordPress.

Step 1. Research & Planning

A truly custom Web design is about creating an engaging customer experience. This starts with devising a good plan.

This process will begin with us learning more about your organization, demographics and how you do business through a questionairre. Next, we review via online meeting or phone call (or in person if you are local), all of the provided information and discuss it with you and any members of your team.

  • step_1Research, Meetings & Discussion Time: As we build your brand a lot of collaboration, brainstorming, idea sharing, learning, planning, etc. is necessary. Deliverable : Collaborate, edit and approve your provided proof until both sides agree it is ready for the next step.
  • Website Architecture: We will work with you to plan and custom design your website architecture. This includes determining how the content of your site will be arranged and designed to maximize the customer experience and enhance usability.
  • Sales & Conversion Strategy Planning: Online and offline….we will discuss how your customers buy, why they buy and how they prefer to buy or learn more. It’s time to let the customer drive the experience and feel as though you are reaching out to help them, not sell them.

To discuss this is detail contact us here. Or request a itemized quote


Step 2. Custom Website Design & Creative (What’s included)

This includes all the ideas and actual artwork that are involved in planning and designing an amazing and engaging website. There are literally hundreds of layers, images and graphics that are ultimately translated to “styles” that become your web interface and structure.

  • step_2Homepage style and design: This is the most important part of your site and where we focus the bulk of the design time. A typical homepage has many parts, including the header, menus, main display area, interactive areas, videos, secondary content area, widget areas and footer.
  • Interior / Subpage styles: This is the main template that drives your customers through your site. At times there are multiple unique subpage styles needed. We include two unique styles in our package.
  • Form style: This is used for all types of data submission, video submission, contacting, blogging, registering and ordering items online.
  • Blog style: This is one of the fastest ways to build a web presence, promote news, interact with potential customers and enhance your SEO efforts.
  • CSS and Typography Styles: This controls how all your textual content will look and behave, from headers, to body content, charts, bullets, call to actions and more.

Note: Custom styles are often added for each customers unique needs. Back end customization, database work and custom application are all available and are quoted by the hour..

Request exact pricing for your project.

Step 3. Website Coding & CMS Integration

After your site design is approved it is time to assemble your site in HTML or a CMS (Content Management System) of your choice. We recommend WordPress. Here is and overview what a CMS will allow you to do and how it all gets put together:

  • step_3All your graphics, animations, styles, content etc. are coded and implemented into your CMS. This is an extremely time consuming process and involves lots of testing and tweaks to get it “just right”.
  • Your MENU system will also need to be incorporated as this provides for your site navigation. We use sophisticated menu styles to really make an impact and clarify the location of key content.
  • You will be able to modify your content, add new pages, add menu items, images, blogs, landing pages and much more WITHOUT any HTML knowledge!
  • We provide basic training for your CMS so your designated user can make required changes. For advanced support we have website maintenance packages.

Discuss this phase with our team.

*Coding/CMS pricing depend upon the number of total pages. There is a set up fee for the initial build out of your unique site plus a per page charge. Click the link below to learn details.

So why choose Pixel Junkie for your custom Web design & branding  project?

ribbonWe use a web design process which allows us to create engaging customer experiences that make customers WANT to interact with your site to learn, discover and become seriously impressed. We combine business understanding, magnificent design, cutting-edge functionality and business-generating marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

And we sweeten the deal in many other ways:

  • Our creative process will cater your site to maximize your bottom line
  • You’ll love your website – We Promise!
  • We provide basic training and support
  • We offer interest-free financing for six months, and have other plans to spread payments out over 2 years at very fair rates!

So let’s get started!

We will no doubt help you increase your reveunes….So contact us today! For exact web design cost and pricing call us at (931) 510-9990