Web Video, Tutorials, & Presentations

Interactive media made its way onto the Internet nearly 15 years ago, but for the most part, the flashing logos, blinking icons, moving pictures and long intros were more of an annoyance than an enhancement.

Things have changed. Enter Web 3.0

There has been a HUGE spike in use of video and interactive (customer centric and controlled) media…companies like YouTube and even Facebook have made videos the most popular way to share robust or complex content. Here is why you should use Video:


  • Users prefer it 3:1
  • You can use animations, content, video clips, screen captures, etc. to communicate a deeper and more memorable message to  your customers
  • YouTube is the world’s #2 search engine
  • Web pages with video are 50x more likely to appear on the first page of Google
  • 21% of video viewers make a purchase
  • Mobile friendly

What can you use video for?


  • Company/product/service overviews
  • To visually explain complex messages or offerings
  • Demos
  • Downloadable tours and guides for customers to interact with
  • Conversion of bulky PowerPoint presentations into a more fluid media
  • Educational or training videos & presentations
  • Tradeshow/conference presentations
  • Sales presentations
  • Anything that you want to impress upon your customer base!

The Pixel Junkie Video/Presentation Package

We combine compelling content, imagery, animations, video and sound to create media that will impress and educate your customers. Below is a sample of a product suite we feel is the best way to use video to communicate with your audience:


  • We create storyboards for 20 “scenes.” (2 min max) Storyboards include the content and rough images for animation of video ideas for that scene.
  • Content writing. We will write all the content for your presentations based on a discovery meeting and follow-up discussions.
  • We hire a voiceover artist of your choice. The talent is paid separately by the customer.
  • We include up to 20 hours of time devoted to animation* and video editing.
  • We will choose images and customize them to your liking. We budget 8 hours of design time for this.
  • We put together the final video in FinalCut Pro. Two revision rounds are allowed in this package.
  • Your video is tested in multiple browsers and formats and can be hosted with our video partner to assure it shows up on all devices.


*Animation is the creation of special effects, not actual animations of characters or images or Props.


  • Video shooting is $100 per hour plus travel.
  • Additional editing, animation or design is $65 per hour.
  • Additional “scenes” from storyboards are $75 per.

  • Sound effects and background music.
  • Travel charges may apply depending on your location.