Support & Maintenance Packages

In addition to the complete marketing solutions available, Pixel Junkie can provide monthly service and support packages for all applicable products, ranging from just the must-haves to support for continuous, ongoing website and platform improvements. The types of services we offer at each level are clearly communicated so we can provide outstanding support to all of our clients.


Bare Bones
Mid Level

Package Comparison

Essential Basic Plus Partner
System Administration
Backup and Monitoring
Security Updates
Maintenance Updates
Strategic Reviews
Monthly Support Hours 4 10 20
% Savings vs. paying hourly 10% 20% 33%



Service Details

System administration
Also referred to as sysadmin, system administration includes making sure that your site is correctly and securely set up with your hosting provider and includes basic system health and performance checks.
Backup and monitoring
Keeping both local and off-site backups of your site’s database and files ensures that if anything happens, your site can be restored quickly and easily, with minimal loss of data. Monitoring includes tracking server performance and site traffic, along with proactive alerts if something prevents the site from responding—so your customers or clients aren’t the first to tell you if your site goes down. A monthly backup and monitoring package includes monthly testing of backups and a quarterly performance report.
Security and maintenance updates
The web platform is constantly being updated with security patches, bug fixes, and feature additions. Keeping your site current with these updates makes it less likely for the security of your site to be compromised, and makes it easier to add in new features. These regular updates also include testing on a separate, nonpublic version of your website before the live site is updated.
Additional support hours
These hours can be used toward any design, development, or advisory tasks, including troubleshooting, training, analytics review, and feature requests.