Social Media Packages

What is a Social Media Marketing Package…

The web continues to grow, evolve and advance. Facebook (900+ million users), YouTube (the second most searched site on the web), LinkedIn (150 million users), Twitter and other social networks continue to gain in popularity and new review. You can also find opinion and blog sites that are appearing every day. Your business needs to have a presence in this expanding web site genre. You need to get new custom social media pages that drive traffic and display your branding in addition to all the SEO benefits.


What does a Social Media Marketing Package include?

Designed to complement our range of dynamic and results oriented marketing services a social media package can include as many of the following as you need based on our evaluation…

  • social-media-marketingFacebook business page set up – includes design and implementation
  • Google Profile page set up –
  • LinkedIn business page set up –
  • Twitter custom page set up –
  • YouTube custom page set up –
    • Video Related to Your Company
    • coordinate video feed to a key web page on your site
  • Claim, update and optimise one Google Places (Maps) page
  • Coordinate the addition of Social Media icons and links to your web site

how much will it cost?

A Social Media SEO Package can vary in cost, but we can put together a package that will fit your budget and still provide the traffic and sales you need. This process takes time to implement and become effective but is typically completed over a four week period.

what are the ongoing costs?

social-media-marketing (1)If you would like us to actively manage your Social Media presence, a Social Media Maintenance Plan is available starting at as low as $20 per month and can be customized to your company’s individual marketing needs. This can include scheduled social media page updates, tweets and more, animated photos, videos, all targeting specific keyword phrases.

If you decide to conduct an ongoing Social Media Program to extend your reach and grow your social media traffic, this is simply on a month-to-month basis with no long term or inflexible contracts, although there are discounts available for signing a short-term agreement.

how soon can we start?

If you decide to proceed, you will receive a simple, plain English agreement confirming all the deliverables. Depending on our project schedule, we can usually commence a Social Media Marketing Package within 10 days of receiving your sign off.

how do I find out more?

To find out more about the Social Media Package or our other SEO Packages and to discover how we can help you to grow your online traffic, improve the quality of lead generation and increase your sales revenues,  contact us for a confidential chat about your Social Media and SEO needs.