Logo & Identity Packages

Logo design

Why is your logo so important? Because it’s the first impression of your “brand image”.

What should a good logo accomplish? First, it helps you get noticed and become memorable. Next it works with your tagline to define your niche market and/or your competitive edge.

An effective logo should evolve to reflect current technology, style, and preferences.

Custom Logo Design Packages:

We have four logo packages in order to accommodate your budget:

  • Text Logo Package. This package allows you to choose from numerous font options and then work with us to customize the fonts with special graphic effects such as textures, gradients, weights, and shadows. Examples of effective text logos include FedEx, Deloitte, Repair.com, and Oracle.
  • “What’s In Your Head” Logo Package. This package reduces the time and cost by as much as 30% because you provide the idea of the logo symbol. We will create numerous renditions of your concept by stylizing the fonts and other elements of the logo until it evolves into a striking, effective representation of your company.
  • Logo “Revamp” Package. Sometimes an outdated logo just needs a few tweaks and minor updates to bring it back to life. If you select this option, we will spend up to 10 hours altering and enhancing your existing logo based on a thorough review of your brand identity.
  • Completely Custom Logo Design Package. To create an effective illustrated logo for your company, we begin with our discovery process in order to learn about your business’s identity. Once we have gone through this process, we will suggest a visual direction for your logo and then mock-up several logo concepts for you to peruse. Our process allows us to work with you until we come up with the logo that best represents your business! Includes 5 initial logo concepts/variations with 5 hours of revisions.  We have over 30 hours budgeted in this plan, so it delivers the best logos, but also is more costly.

Caution: Watch out for “logo sweat shops!” and cheap contests.

Mass-produced online logo design companies simply cannot produce the same high quality results that you’ll find at Pixel Junkie. With these “logo sweat shops,” you can expect limited contact, restricted results, automated “support,” outsourced designers, and hidden fees. You will play art director, brand strategist, designer, marketer and the customers all in one.  In the end, these companies will take your money and leave you disappointed. If you are serious about your company, a cheap logo won’t really help your brand image.

Business Stationery, Collateral, and More

You’ve got the spark, so now add the sizzle! Once you have a unique and dynamic logo, we can provide any of the following add-on options:

  • Corporate Stationery design. Give clients and prospects a positive impression of your brand with high quality Stationery and collateral.
  • Tagline creation. Secure your place in your niche market with amemorable, effective tagline that defines what you can achieve for your prospects.
  • Icon development. We can provide quotes on an individual basis for product suites, web graphics, and GUI, etc.
  • Animated logo. A subtle, well-designed brand animation can add just enough “wow factor” to your company site to set you apart from competitors.
  • Logo variations. You may require different versions of your logo, such as a variation for color backgrounds, a 3-D version, a flat version, and an embroidery version.