Landing Page Specials

What is a landing page and why do you need one?

A landing page is exactly what it says…a page where a prospect or interested party lands online – a destination URL. They almost always include a lead capture/sign up form or an ecommerce back end.

The first step in your landing page campaign is to design a landing page template.   The package below assumes you have a landing page or have hired us to create one for your project.

Getting your campaign started using your landing page template.

Great, so we have a rockin’ design; now it’s time to put it to work. The program below is for a twelve month period.

  • Each month (or quarter), we will brainstorm with your team until we have an offer, idea, contest, content piece, sale, video or anything else we think will excite your customers and cause them to engage.
  • We will then write the content and design / layout the new page in your existing template.
  • Now the fun stuff; marketing and promoting the page:
    • If newsworthy, we recommend a press release. Press release writing and distribution is available through an approved partner for a fee billed separately.
    • We update your homepage with your new content (small ad or link).
    • We will promote it on your Facebook and Twitter profiles (if we are maintaining them).
    • We can create an ad for your campaign in Google AdWords (if applicable).
    • We will post your offer on your Blog.
    • We will also blog your offer to your target audience via other free Blogs.
    • We will send out an email to promote the new landing page to your email list using your existing email provider OR we can help you set up an account with one of our preferred vendors. Text email or via your existing email template. (Distribution costs are charged by your provider.)


Monthly (12 campaigns) $250 per month

Quarterly (4 campaigns) $500 per quarter