Google Network Marketing

With our Google Display Network services, you are able to benefit from all different sizes of ads and all kinds of different partner websites. These websites will provide a platform to distribute your advertisements and deliver brand messages through your customers’ favorite website. Whether you are in retail, are a B2B company, or run an eCommerce site, you can benefit from the Google Display Network & Remarketing.

Setup & Campaign Management Includes:

  • Research & choose relevant KWs(KeyWords)
  • Define target, choose partner sites
  • Choose ad sizes
  • Design ads (3 included)
  • Define budget, create bidding strategy
  • Implement ads
  • Monitor and optimize ads
  • Target up to 100 KWs based on your approved SEO KWs
  • Reach up To 5 unique ad groups

Discovery, Setup, & Design: Contact us for exact quote 

Additional Ad Design $250