Email Marketing

Hopefully you have or have ordered an email template design from us, and have one of ourblogging and content publishing packages! If not, we can help you get those started for you ASAP so you can take advantage of this AWESOME program.

Customers need to hear from you 5-7 times to remember or even take note of one value proposition ONCE. What does this mean? You need to have a content strategy…and nothing is better than a 56/1 (2010 study) ROI offered by email marketing! So how does it work?

Well there are three kinds of emails you should be sending.

  • Email lead nurturing campaign – Pre-written and designed to educate and stimulate your prospects in accordance with your core offerings and brand message
  • Single topic email or offers – (This you do in-house, using your email template…but we can help you if you need it!
  • Multi-topic Newsletter – This is described below!

How the program works:

  • Using our multi topic template we layout 3-5 of you most recent articles into ne stunning piece.
  • We also re-purpose key content to get it in front of your customers
  • We can create offers or announcements for landing pages or subpages and feature them in your newsletter
  • Test your newsletter in various platforms
  • Release your newsletter via iContact, Vertical Response or other approved vendors, or we give you the finished product to distribute!


Monthly $300 each

Bi-weekly $200 each

Weekly $100 each

Discuss this with our team or get started now!