Trade Show Design & Materials

At a trade show, you have a split second to capture attention. Is your booth design up to task?

Make a high impact impression.

Custom trade show booth / exhibit design and marketing:

TradeShowIconWalking around a trade show can feel a bit like being on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. With people, banners, products, displays, and samples coming at you from all angles it’s no wonder many people leave a trade show feeling more confused than when they arrived.  As an exhibitor, breaking through the clutter to make a prospect stop, look, and listen is critical.  And guess what?  That split second when a prospect glances in your general direction is about all the time you have to accomplish your goal.

Your exhibit design and messaging must drive home a compelling benefit right away. It’s not about telling a prospect what you do and who you are, it’s about promoting what you can do FOR them and the direct benefits you offer them as a prospective client.

Maximizing “Glance Marketing”

Nowhere is today’s fast paced business environment more evident than at a trade show.  The goal of your exhibit design is to turn a glance into a stare through what we refer to as “Glance Marketing.” This creates a trade show presence that engages your prospects enough to make them interact with the experience you create, which may include video presentations, slide shows, a sales kit, a sales person or a live demonstration.

We create and design exhibits that provoke action.

How do we do this? Through marketing and supporting media ideas that enhance your trade show presence, compelling messages derived from your technical and industry expertise, and innovative graphic design.

tbExamples of supporting media to make your trade show a success:

  • Leave Behind Brochures
  • Sales Kits & Media Kits
  • Video & Multimedia (Flash) Presentations
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Pre and Post show Email Campaigns
  • Press Releases and Helpful Articles
  • Events & Props
  • Handouts and Give-aways