Proposal Design

How to Create a Proposal…and get real results.

There are 2 facts every business person knows:

  1. The marketplace is competitive.
  2. The landscape is crowded.

Does your proposal template stand out from the crowd?

propGet maximum impact for your business proposal with professional graphic design. Proposal submission is the first step to showing others what you have to offer. If you want your ideas to be taken seriously by colleagues, partners, investors, customers and other stakeholders, you need a professional business proposal. Template design by qualified marketing specialists means high impact, hard working material designed to get the right reaction.

An idea isn’t an intergalactic passport. It’s just an idea. If that’s all you’ve got, the Universe will eat you up for breakfast. If you want to get anywhere, you have to look like you mean business. Ask yourself, does my business proposal template look professional enough?

The silver lining is that your idea is a great beginning, a seed, a key to the impossible. It says so right here in the secret Ninja handbook. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to translate your great ideas into a money-spinning business proposal. We can help.

In some quadrants of the known Universe, putting together a graphic design proposal is a deep-yawning, head-scratching task. But they don’t have Ninjas in those parts of the Universe. No sir, they don’t. We propose that you get your adventure started. Bring out your raw ideas, your insurmountable challenges, your high hopes and impossible dreams: we’ll magic them into SOMETHING AWESOME.