Charts, Illustrations, & Graphs

Make an Impact with Custom Illustrations, Charts & Graphs! Leave a lasting impression.

Line ChartDo your charts fail to engage your audience and drive home the message and value points desired? Does your homepage need to go beyond a message and a stock photo to “illustrate” a key point, tell a story, or feature a special? Enhance your website or presentation with custom illustrations, charts and graphs by Pixel Junkie!

Our design team can take ordinary chart and graph designs and put them in a new perspective. It may be 3D or interactive or just very visually stimulating…but they will get noticed and they will impress your customers.

To learn more or get your project started, please give us a call at (931) 510-9990, request pricing or get a quote.

Homepage Graphics and Custom Illustrations:

homeSometimes using stock images while trying to make an impression just comes across stale and canned. We always allow time to customize images to make them more unique (who wants the same image that is on 50 other websites?). Still…it is often necessary to go above and beyond and create an illustrated graphic that gets across key value propositions, or educates your customers about the value of your services. Often we will blend images and illustrated items to get across key points in a complex sales process. Impressing is they key to gaining an advantage over your competitors!

Allow 7-20 hours of time to brainstorm, design, and perfect custom home page illustrations. To see samples….contact us at (931) 510 9990 and we will show you our latest examples.