PDF Brochure Design

pdf-iconDownloadable PDF brochures have become standard business tool for marketing. A well-designed PDF brochure gives an overview of your key services and benefits, and allows the customer to print it, take it on the run, forward it to their boss, or just have something tangible to read. We believe this is a must-have medium. Our standard PDF brochure design includes up to 8 pages, designed from client-provided content.  Any necessary image discovery and image purchases are billed separately. The cost usually runs between $1,500-$5,000 depending on how many pages and unique graphics are needed.

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Business Brochures Design (Printed Media)

download_broEven the best printed business brochures are getting a slightly unfair bashing lately. True they are not the powerhouse media they were 10-15 years ago…but they still serve a very important function as a leave behind and hand out. The best brochures in today’s primarily online environment should be a quick hitter of key corporate information and direct benefits of your products or services. All brochures should redirect your customer towards several conversion goals, and give the viewer a reason to further interact with your brand. We like slightly over-sized brochures, that are folded 2-3 times. For certain industries (such as ones offering training, education, catalog sales, etc) we also like booklet style or saddle-stitched brochures.

A leave behind can also be viral, in that it can be passed around to co-workers, friends and family, etc. This exposes your brand to more potential prospects.

What Exactly is a “Sales Pakage”?

Sales pkgPut simply – it is an organized marketing “package”…usually this can include interactive “inserts” to allow customization and updating of core information by you or other staff. They are often accompanied by a pamphlet, sales sheet (or “slick” as they were called in the old days) or even a tri-fold brochure or postcards and themed business cards. The collaborative effort of the total package should  tell the user that this company cares about their image…and the impact it makes upon their target audience. (Therefore they care about their clients!)

Why Sales Packages Work

numbers-iconThe best sales packages related directly to the online experience because they are interactive. When designed properly (a rarity) they should introduce the company and the company’s core offerings in a benefit-oriented approach. The core areas should then be “surf-able” via interactive inserts which can be updated and managed internally through templates. Lastly, interested prospects should be invited to a course of action using targeted “calls to actions.”

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