How It Works

There are many, many important steps in creating a powerful brand that makes an impact and attracts customers. We always start our process with a chat. You know your company better than we ever could and we want all that information.  We will discuss what you want to get out of working with us.  You may want to rebrand your entire organization from the web to print and everywhere in between.  On the other hand you may just need a small site to put a footprint in the online world. We realize we may not be experts in your industry but that unbiased opinion may be more valuable than you could have thought! It is important that we maintain a customer’s viewpoint while we gather the necessary information about your industry and business in order to provide a customized solution for your need.

Be careful of any companies who do not want to do any research or have a conversation with you.  It is VITAL for you to be heard since you are the expert in YOUR business.

Here is a brief overview of what we will discuss. Since your time is valuable we will keep things brief but the more detail your provide at the inception of the project the less time it will take to get to your final vision.

  • researchCompany Summary and History
  • Products or Service Information
  • Market Demographics
  • Home Page and Subpage (Website) Objectives
  • Initial Marketing Goals
  • Ongoing Marketing Goals
  • Scope of Involvement after completion

The final notes from this conversation will be compiled into a document that will act as the roadmap for your project. This provides us with a quantifiable reference to where your project started and where it needs to go in order to facilitate the goals you have defined.

The next phase in our Discovery & Strategy planning is your website architecture. In this phase we answer the following questions:

  • planWhat pages need to be included in your site?
  • How would you like to navigate the site?
  • What colors do you have in mind?
  • Do you have existing content or will we need to provide all content?
  • Are there any special features that your site requires (e.g. shopping cart, newsletter signup, user login, etc)?
  • Will you require us to maintain the site after the fact or would you prefer to maintain the site yourself?

This is where we differentiate ourselves from our competiors. How can a company expect to get a final product they are happy with without first providing this information to the designer.

Our service doesn’t have to end with the launch of a new website or once we hand over a new piece of marketing. Instead we can then take on a support role – making sure your site stays optimized and heading up on the search results.  We have a proven method of organically increasing your SEO positioning.

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