Pixel Junkie – Marketing, Media & Design is a marketing agency offering much more than just website development. Our company is all about helping businesses make the most of themselves! We have partnered with a number of clients, both small and large, and have financed many to help them reach their goals.

Our financing options allow you to break the payments up on a schedule that best fits your budget. Whether it be 3 months, 6 months, or a year, our design team can get to work on your project while you pay the balance over a span that best fits your need. Our  financing services are different. Rather than grilling you with a credit check, background check, and other financial details, we look at you, the customer.

Pixel Junkie will discuss and review your business, your ideas, and your general marketing strategy and make a determination based on a straight-forward business approach. Financing can be your gateway to the perfect website and marketing plan needed to help your business thrive instead of just getting by. We have extended financing options to small businesses who are already well established along with start-up companies which the business itself is based around the website.


Website Financing Benefits

  • 3 | 6 | 12 month option plans available
  • no credit checks
  • no down payment
  • low interest for an unsecured loan
  • launch your site even while still paying
  • available for both start-up and small businesses


Does Your Business Offer Something We Could Use? Why Not TRADE?!

handshakeIn addition to the financing options we have available, we have another option which many companies have benefited from. It used to be that when Joe Farmer needed some knives sharpened, he would trade some of his crops for the sharpening service.  In today’s modern world we have strayed away from this idea, but at Pixel Junkie, we think it’s high time to bring this barter and trade philosophy back into practice.  It allows us to have an even more personal relationship with our clients than ever before.

In the past we have had trade agreements with lawn companies to handle their seo in exchange for landscape maintenance. We built a website for a local auto shop in exchange for the maintenance on our vehicles.  In short, this is a way to get the top quality marketing you need, without putting out a huge investment from your pockets.

There are many things that our company could benefit from, as well as the individuals who work for us.  If your company has a product or service that we may be interested in or if you don’t know what you can offer but would like to hear more about this option, please contact us.

At the end of the day, the financing and trade options we provide have given businesses the ability to reach their goals and open the door to opportunity. Having a Pixel Junkie consultant with you during each phase of the process is a great way to help you meet your expectations. To learn more about Pixel Junkie’s financing and trade options, and the terms available, please contact Pixel Junkie Marketing, Media & Design today by calling (931) 292-CUBE. You will be paired with a consultant to review and discuss your project.